PRIMA VEIG ensures the legal follow-up of companies, whatever their size, and also intervenes for one-time operation.
PRIMA VEIG takes in charge the drafting of acts, but also legal formalities.

assistance in the choice of structure and drafting of legal acts relating to creation; 

approval of annual accounts, appointment and / or renewal mandates of corporate officers, approval of regulated agreements;

transfer of head office, change of corporate name;

capital increase, advice on the choice of securities to be issued, capital reduction;

merger, scission, partial asset transfers; 

stock options, BSPCE, free allocation of shares, capital increase reserved for employees;

drafting and negotiation of preparatory acts, all acts of assignment, drafting of asset and liability guarantees, shareholders' pacts;

cash management agreement, service delivery;

Creation of company

Legal follow-up

Statutory changes

Capital transactions

Restructuring operations

Employee shareholding

Business dispositions and acquisitions

Management of intra-group relations

Litigations and partners conflicts

Dissolution and liquidation