PRIMA VEIG receives fees determined under the conditions provided for by Article 10 of the law of 31 December 1971, the law of 10 July 1991 and for by Article 11 of the Harmonized Internal Regulations of Paris Bar.

In terms of invoicing, PRIMA VEIG's principles are moderation, transparency and visibility.

In this way, after the first appointment, a preliminary estimate and a fee proposal are established.

The agreed remuneration is always excluding tax and fees. In this way, if necessary, tax stamps, bailiff's fees, costs of displacement outside of Ile de France, be covered by the client.

Several payment solutions:

The principle is the invoicing of our legal fees on the basis of an hourly rate.

The hourly rates are between 350 € H.T. and 200 €. H.T. according to the difficulty of the file, the level of experience of the lawyer involved and the urgency degree of work.

According to the file and when it is possible to evaluate the time spent on the file, a flat fee may be proposed to allow the client a perfect visibility and control of its costs.

The amount of the package is determined in accordance with the complexity of the case

The subscription is suitable for companies that wish to be regularly assisted by a lawyer.

The allocation of a monthly loan is determined in advance according to the client’s needs and allows to question the lawyers of Prima Veig  firm on all areas of intervention.

These questions may give rise to written or oral consultations and the drafting of legal acts.

Within the framework of this subscription, the client company can take advantage of a privileged hourly rate.

For certain litigation files, it is possible to agree on a result fee representing a percentage of the sums or convictions obtained.

In accordance with our ethical rules, this fee of results is always associated with a due legal fee fixed in advance.